Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red-tailed Hawk Suju

This is Suju, a colleague and friend of mine here at Foothill Horizons Outdoor School where I work. Suju is the Me-wuk word for Red-tailed hawk.

I am learning how to work with her and introduce her to students.

(If you want to make prints of these, please let me send you higher resolution files.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow at Foothill Horizons!

Snow! What a rare treat at Foothill Horizons! These students were very lucky to experience it. Some of the staff couldn't make it to work on time because roads were closed, so we combined classes. This group built a snowman and took some time to eat plenty of snow. It was light and fluffy like cotton candy.

These two boys were the coolest!

Notice that the snowman is a Giants fan.

Wow, do you think the kid in the red coat is going to eat all that snow? Since it's so light and fluffy, it's easier than it looks, but still... it looks like a lot.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Snow at Calaveras Big Trees

Winter can bring deep snow to the Sierra Nevada, as seen here in these pictures from our trip to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

We waded through snow that was three or four feet deep. What a chilly adventure, especially if you're wearing...

... shorts! This student took the Polar Bear Club to a whole new level.

We had a great time, though. These children are standing in front of the roots of a giant sequoia that has fallen down. Notice how the kids naturally lean the same direction as the roots.