Friday, January 13, 2012

Great week Jan 3-6, and Night Hike reports from some students

Jan 3-6 was a great week. We didn't hear any owls, but we did hear Red Tail make some owl calls during the night hike.

Here are some student quotes:

"Cool air prickling my skin as I slowly put one foot in front of the other, which made a leaf-crunching sound.... Trees that were surrounding me looked as if they were encouraging me to go farther and farther.... An occasional bird tweet seemed like a song with notes softly prancing in the air. The moon's bright light was only partly blocked out by the trees, [accompanying] me the whole long way through the calm, alive forest...." - Tree Frog (Guadalupe School)

"I was scared at first, for this was my first night hike, but soon I wanted to go on another hike just like this.... We also learned about the moon phases. I learned a lot of things in only ONE night. This experience changed my life." - River (Guadalupe School)

who also shares this picture:

And another student:

"... we stopped at an open spot on the trail ad we had a 'Thank-you' circle.  Red Tail taught us about moon phases, solar eclipses, and lunar eclipses.... We looked at the stars and we found Cassiopeia and we used it to find the North star or Polaris.... I learned what fractoluminescence means [light emitted from the breaking of a crystal]."  - Squirrel (Guadalupe School)

Finally we have a nice picture from another student:
- Gray Squirrel (Guadalupe School)

Thanks for being your wonderful selves, kids! Keep being amazing in every way! Let me know all the things you're doing to help each other and the world.

-Red Tail.