Monday, February 4, 2008

Exploring the Pond at Walden West

They are helping to remove invasive duck weed from the pond, and clearly enjoying their time at science camp.

These students are fishing around in the pond with their nets to see what kind of critters they might catch for closer examination. I love the way the sunlight shines through the reeds.

Now we're making some conclusions about the health of the pond based on the aquatic animals we found.


  1. I was a student.

    (purple monkey)

  2. Hi there Purple Monkey! I'm glad you were in my group this week. You are a super cool kid. You may submit pictures or writings to this blog if you want! Just ask your teacher to e-mail them to me.

    Red Tail.

  3. Hi I was there too!

  4. hi(: I miss science camp oh so very much! matter of fact i just came back from there): oh how i miss it): I hope when i grow up i can sign up to Volunteer as a Cabin Leader but it won't be as much fun):

  5. Just remember, science camp is a part of who you are now. Once you've experienced it, your life never goes back to the same way it was before. All the things you learned and experienced you get to keep forever. You can help inspire others every day.