Friday, February 10, 2012

Red Squirrel's Bark and Cheetah's Trust

Here's what Red Squirrel (from Laurelwood School) offered to future groups of students:

Red Squirrel's stand for peace, trust, and kindness in the world
It's a piece of bark from a tree.  He said, "Every ridge and ripple on this bark represents a future group that will achieve the Quest."  Wow!  What a powerful and positive image to focus our intentions on!

Also, I want to share with you what Cheetah wrote in her journal, about the night hike. 

During the night hike, I felt scared because I thought something was going to jump out and eat me.... Maybe it would have been better if I believed in myself. I felt like I trusted in [Red Tail], and I trusted in everyone.  I knew we had a family that was connected. I knew that we had something in common.  I knew who I was and what I believed in - I was something, something that cared about me. I knew who I was. I knew I would trust in myself, my friends, and my parents.  I never found anyone like them. I trust in everyone, and I hope they do too. 

                   - Cheetah. 

Thanks for a great week, kids from Laurelwood and Norwood Creek!  May you take all this back to your communities and enrich the world in joyful ways!

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  1. Red Tail i wasnt in your field group but you would always call me Lulu o.o Lily* IM FROM NORWOOD CREEK <33 I miss you so much Hope to be a Cabin Leader when i grow up -Lots of Love From Norwood .