Friday, April 6, 2012

Giant Panda Song!

We had a fantastic week with students from Montclaire, West Valley Middle School, and Rainbow Montessori School.

What a fantastic group of kids, and I will miss you all.

Most of all I will miss us bopping through the woods singing this:

It all started when Panda announced his name, and I said it reminded me of the "Giant Panda" film segment from Sesame Street, when I was little. I started humming the very memorable music from the short film (amazing that I could remember it from 28 years ago!!!). Soon, all the kids were humming it together, and I even tried beatboxing with it.  (Didn't quite sound right, but it was cute.)  Too bad we didn't get video of the group doing it.  But I found it on youtube!  I showed it to the group on Friday morning, to everyone's delight. 

If the embedded video doesn't work, go to click this link or go to youtube and search for "sesame street giant panda".

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